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Go Bold, Naturally.

The age of enlightenment has dawned upon most of us, and we are now aware that beauty does not need to come at a hefty price. Monetary concerns aside, the health of the earth and that of one’s skin should not pay for the products one uses for beautification. For years, our favourite and familiar makeup products are produced with chock full of chemicals that harm the environment while damaging your skin. These are wrapped in layers of non-biodegradable packaging that further contributes to the rising landfills.

Fret not, brands with conscience have since been charging to the rescue, providing us with junk-free makeup. Let beauty be beyond skin deep – choose to go green and be glamorously good this Spring. Keeping on trend with bold lips against naturally dewy looks and full eyebrows, I’ve sussed out the brands worth advocating.

Keep it Natural with bareMinerals.

Bare Minerals Foundation

In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, not all of us don baby-smooth skin. Personally having gone through some horrifying acne-driven teenage years, I know that flawless skin is hard to come by. bareMinerals solves this problem by perfectly balancing makeup with skincare, pairing perfect coverage with ample nourishment. Fundamentally made of a blend of micro and macro minerals, bareMinerals makeup provides UVA/UVB sun protection on top of longlasting lightweight coverage and creamy blendability. To top it off, ActiveSoil Complex, found exclusively in the bareMinerals skincare line regenerates the cells in the surface layer of your skin, resulting in luminous skin that defends itself against environmental stress. Without preservatives, binders and fillers, this line is as great for the environment as it is for your skin.

Key to beautiful skin is hydration. So, despite the lengthy list of great qualities, the bareMinerals makeup should not be mistaken for skincare. Makeup generally dries your skin out, so the skincare qualities in the makeup would merely prevent your skin from further dehydration, as opposed to enhancing hydration. (bareMinerals reports that its READY Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF20 increases skin hydration by 108% after 12 hours of wear. While that is reassuring, my traditional mindset insists on additional moisturisation before makeup.)

In the Beginning, There’s Origins.

Origins Make a Difference

For skincare made only with natural ingredients and produced using renewable resources, wind-energy and earth-friendly practices, opt for Origins. Back in October 2012, I discovered the Make a Difference collection. Ideal for combination skin, this treatment, along with the entire Make a Difference collection, comprises of Nature’s Rose of Jericho with Lychee and Watermelon. On top of wafting off scents of an appetising fruit salad, this collection rapidly restores moisture levels by 76%, preventing future skin dehydration. I had not realised then how unbelievably dry my skin was. Now, 3 months in, I declare the Make a Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment the elixir of youth. My skin has never felt more soft, supple and fresh as it does now – the perfect complement to this season’s bold lips.

Embrace Passionate Pouts with M.A.C

MAC Ruby Woo Red Lipstic

While not traditionally known to be an ecobeauty brand, M.A.C Cosmetics has a recycling programme where you can exchange 6 used M.A.C cosmetic containers and receive a lipstick of choice in return. Perfect timing for Spring 2013’s lips-focused trend. Seduce with rich, dark burgundy or be playful with orange-tinged scarlets. My favourite is Ruby Woo. Modern, matte, and fire-truck red, I can’t help but channel my inner 1950s seductress. Pucker up!

Featured Image Sources (left to right): Allure | Simply the Best in Beauty | BeautyEditor


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